“Orbital2” Reviewed by Ambrogio Bergamaschi from Territory Studio in UK

“Orbital2” Reviewed by Ambrogio Bergamaschi

This video shows Ambrogio Bergamaschi, an active 3D motion designer for Hollywood movies and video games,
using the Orbital 2 for work.

【 Ambrogio Bergamaschi’s Career 】

Ambrogio Bergamaschi works as a graphic designer who specialises in creating fictitious user interface systems that appear in sci-fi movies and videogames.
Since being hired by Territory Studios (*), he has been involved in big budget movies likes “Ghost in the Shell” and “Pacific Rim: Uprising”. Most recently in the worldwide blockbuster movie “Ready Player One”, directed by Steven Spielberg, he worked on designing over 100 original logos that appeared in the virtual reality space “Oasis”, which was the main setting of the film.

* Territory Studios: A studio that produces 3D graphics for a variety of video production projects, such as commercial, games and movies.
Some of their big recent projects include:
"Blade Runner 2049" - Alcon Entertainment
"Ghost in the Shell" - Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures
"Pacify Rim: Uprising" - Legendary Entertainment
"Ready Player One" - Warner Bros and Amblin Entertainment
"Human Experience In Year Million "- National Geographic
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