“Orbital2” Reviewed by Jason Horley

Jason Horley, a very active Hollywood concept artist with "Tarzan", "Harry Potter", "Star Wars" and so on plus the Orbital 2, makes for a very great video interview.

【 Jason Horley’s Career 】

Jason Horley has worked on the background art for various Disney movies, including “Tarzan” and “Atlantis: The Lost Kingdom” early in his career. After this, he then made a career move when he switched from animation work to live-action photography, working on the production of matte work (*1) for the “Harry Potter” series and “Zero Gravity” Currently, he is primarily in charge of concept art (*2) in the early stages of movie production. Concept art he has worked on in the recent years include; “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”.

*1 Matte work: A traditional process in filmmaking. Such as having a castle in a movie, or futuristic building drawn with oil paints into a glass canvas. And placed to in a manner that it appears to be in front of the camera. Nowadays, the same effect is gotten by having a digitally made 3D background displayed on a blue screen, with the actors acting in front of the screen.
*2 Concept art: Creatively visualising the director’s ideas and images of how the film will be finally made. It also plays a major part in fundraising, as it provides a means to show sponsors and investors what to expect from a completed project.
【 “Orbital2” Across the sea 】

How are the Japanese made Orbital 2 devices received by foreign creators?
Is it possible to accelerate work and relieve fatigue in the world's best creative scene?

It was an entirely unknown area for Orbital 2.

But this anxiety, actually turned out to really compliment the process. Jason Horley used the Orbital 2 to complete a piece of work. In this interview, despite any preliminary arrangements or discussions with Jason about the device, he completely understood and resonated with the concepts the developers were trying to get across. He really helped us open the doors to greater possibilities for the Orbital 2. Through this overseas expeditions and interviews, we have been able to corroborate that the Orbital 2 is an effective, and much desired, device for creatives across the globe.

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