Product / Specifications
The Orbital 2 is the best product for creative workplace efficiency. Through using 3 simple motions, tilt, rotate and press, the user can very easily access the different shortcuts assigned to the software. With the Orbital 2, you can effortlessly adjust various parameters and make tool change overs. Additionally, due to its ergonomic design, this product helps to reduce fatigue and chances of tenosynovitis long term.
Currently, only black is available.
It makes it possible for the main Orbital 2 unit and the application to communicate.
The Orbital 2 menu will be displayed on the PC’s main display. If you want to change what screen the menu is displayed on, change the preference of what the main display of the PC is
It will be displayed by reducing the setting screen of Orbital 2 application from the screen reduction button on the upper left.
Right now, it is most compatible with local to Japan systems. We are currently working on an overseas PC compatibility.
Windows:Windows10・Windows8.1・ Windows7
Mac: Mojave (10.14)/ High Sierra (10.13)/ Sierra (10.12)/ El Capitan (10.11)
(As of September 2018)
Basically, any creative software that have assignable shortcuts. Including Adobe, Photoshop, Illustrator and other Adobe applications etc 12 kinds. (As of September 2018). For details of the recommended creative software, please visit the product page.
Currently 3D camera operations do not work with the Orbital 2. We are now considering developing it to that function.
Any function that can be controlled with regular shortcut key as other creative software.
Yes. Any function that can be controlled with regular shortcut key as other creative software.
Currently, the application is only in Japanese and English. But we are working on the Multilingual version at the moment.
Yes it is. Once you set up the profile for the different software.
If the software has assignable shortcut keys, it can be used. By setting the shortcut key assignment from the advanced settings of the Orbital 2 application, it could even be used out of the design software.
You can use the advanced settings of the ORBITAL2 application to set up a shortcut key assignment, which works for each software.
Some PC games that use keyboard could also use the Orbital 2. It depends on the type.
Yes it can.
The Orbital 2 is a sensitive equipment. Please handle with care and avoid strong impacts.
The Orbital 2 paint is highly abrasion resistant. In the chance of dirt being build up, wipe it with a lightly moistened cloth or something similar.
The Orbital2 cannot use on a PC that can not intercommunication via the USB port due to security.
The Profiles cannot be used with different versions of the Orbital 2 for Windows.
If you put a converter between Orbital 2 and PC's USB port, it may not be usable depending on the power supply amount.
If you can not use it, we recommend connecting the Orbital2 directly to the USB port of PC.
A solution is currently under development.
When redisplaying the application window, an error will happen if you right-click on the taskbar to display it.
To redisplay the window, right-click the task tray icon and carry out 「Profile Editor-Display」.
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