8. How to Edit Recommended Profile【 The Orbital Engine version 】

How to set recommended profile set for the orbital engine

This page will explain what can be done by downloading the profile and setting the orbital engine.

1. Introduce profile

Download your favorite profile from HERE.

After the transition to the download page of each OS, select and download your favorite profile.
※Here is an example of the Adobe Premiere Pro download page.

When downloading profiles of other applications, you can return to the original page from "Return to List" at the lower part of the screen.

Please store all the downloaded profiles as below.

Save the acquired profile data to "/profiles" in the folder of the installed application software. The acquired profile is available.

/User /{login username} /Orbital2 /profiles

(Example) /Users/brainmagic/Orbital2/profiles

Please open the PC Preferences.
Please press down "System" of the below screen.

After clicking, please make "Scaling and Layout" 100%. If the characters are small, adjust from the resolution.

※Reference information is HERE.

2. How to use the downloaded profile of your PC

Start up the "Orbital2" application from "Application" in "Finder". Click "Recommended Settings" from the left side of the application startup screen.

The following screen will start up. Select "Photoshop" here.

3. Explain what you can do with the orbital settings

It will transition to the following screen. Click on the "Orbital Engine Settings".

It will transition to the following screen.
Select Orbital Engine Settings at the upper of the screen and set the action when tilting the joystick up.
It is set "Back / Forward" by default. Click "Back / Forward".

Click, it will transition to the following screen.
"Back (Control + Z)" is set by pressing down (dial clicking) the joystick.

"Step Forward" is set by rotating the joystick (dial) to the right.

"Step Backward" is set by rotating the joystick (dial) to the left.

When you click "Settings" of the part you want to set the function, it will transition to the following screen. The name of the function you want to assign in the "Name" section, assign shortcut keys to the "Enter keystrokes including modifiers" section. Both under the situation of the cursor in focus, please fill out and input. If you want to change the input contents of "Enter keystrokes including modifiers", click "Clear" on the right side of the frame.

After finishing the settings, click the "OK" button. You can set the keystroke profile to the orbital engine with this. If you want to return to the previous screen without saving, click the "Back" button to return to the last one. Please be careful, as it has not been saved at this point.

After transitioning to the screen below, please click "Back" on the top left.

Set each one, and click "Save" in the upper right part of the screen below to save the profile.

If you want to create a profile with a different name from the Photoshop default profile, click "Save as" in the upper right part of the screen below. The below screen is the saved screen after changing the name as "Photoshop 2".

If the same profile name saved, the following pop-up will be displayed. Click "OK" to save. If you want to change the name, change the name and save it.

Please make sure that the orbital engine settings are properly saved.
Please click on the red frame of below screen.

Select the set profile folder and click "Open".

By clicking "Reload", you can confirm whether the set orbital engine settings are saved properly.

Load from the command list and edit

By clicking "Load from command list" at the bottom right of the screen, you can select an operation from the prepared command list in advance. If you click "Load from command list", it will transition to the following screen.

変更したい方向の「設定」をクリックし、下記画面のコマンドリストから必要なコマンドをクリックしてください。 設定したいコマンドをクリック後、左上の「戻る」をクリックし、保存することで割り当てた機能を使うことができます。 設定後の保存方法と保存した機能の確認方法はこちらをご確認ください。 Click the 「Settings」 for the direction you want to change, and click the required command from the command list on the screen below. After the command is clicked which you want to set, you can use the assigned function by clicking "Back" on the top left and saving. Please confirm HERE how to save after setting and how to check the saved function.

It clicks right on the task tray icon to redisplay the window.

表示されたリストの中から「プロファイルエディタ - 表示」を選択してください。

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