4.How to introduce 【 Windows version 】

1. USB Driver and Orbital2 application Installation

Please download the application and the driver corresponding to the operating you use from bottom and install it.
If you use Windows10, please click HERE
If you use Windows7 / 8 / 8.1, please click HERE

Please unzip the downloaded .zip file to the desktop etc.

USB Driver Installation

Open the downloaded folders on the desktop, right click on the x64 or x86 file and select "Run as administrator".

* If your PC runs on 64bit, run x64. If it is 32bit, run x86

Orbital2 application Installation

Unzip the downloaded folder, and double click on the setup file. * If the double click does not work, right-click and press “Run as administrator”.

When you press the detailed information on the above image, the execute button will come up. Please run and launch the installer.

2. Download additional profiles

Please download the profile of your choice from HERE.

3. How to Introduce the profile

Copy the acquired profile data to \profiles in the folder of the installed application software. Then the profile for that application becomes available.

The Orbital2 profile and command list are stored in the following path folder:

/User/{login username}/Orbital2/profiles

Example: /Users/brainmagic/Orbital2/profiles

4. How to connect your Orbital2 and your PC

After the Orbital2 application starts, connect the Orbital2 & Mac through USB.
Click the pop-up that appears in the top right.

When the pop-up opens, press the “Reconnect” button.

The display is changed while connecting (blinking green) or the Orbital2 Glow Ring is emitted, you can see that it is connected.

Open “System Preferences” and select “Security and Privacy” Press the Open button that is in the bottom right

After pressing the Open button, the Orbital2 application will start up.

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